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Leila Mireskandari

Leila Mireskandari

Founder and Director of Kids' Growing City

Leila Mireskandari is the founder of Kids' Growing City, changing the world one kids' garden at a time! She has transformed the lives of hundreds of children by running her food-growing programs in their schools and by training their parents and teachers to build kids' gardens, with her online and in-person workshops and programs since 2013.
Leila is a Permaculture designer. She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies focusing on food-growing education. Along with her Master's Leila has gained "Environmental and Sustainability Education" diploma from York University, as well as "Business and the Environment" diploma from Schulich School of Business.
Leila who is a recovering software developer of 15 years, believes in food justice for the world and her bet is on educating and empowering young minds to take control of their food.