Virtual 9-Week Kids' Garden Workshop

$197 USD

Your Magical Kids' Garden is Possible in Just 9 Weeks!

From Online to Outside: "Virtual 9-Week Kids' Garden Workshop"

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The Blueprint that gives you the power to lead your children to build an abundant, beautiful, engaging food garden at home with very little effort and time!

Now is the time to start even if there is still snow on the ground! Actually... especially if there is still snow on the ground, because that means you have a short growing season and you need to extend it. Let me show you how. It gets too late too quickly!


... Imagine your children planting and harvesting and exploring, connecting with nature, appreciating healthy food, spending more time outside with family and less time inside with technology, season after season!

... Imagine your children coming to your kitchen with veggies freshly harvested from their own garden within just a month or two and enthusiastically doing that throughout the whole growing season!

Kids' food gardens will do the trick! YES! It can happen!

I've done it with my own family! I've seen countless families make it happen! And that's how I know!

Food kids gardens, if done right, 

  • Can transform kids' lives from being practically attached to their screens and only choosing sugary packaged foods and snacks to being excited about hands on with soil and happy about snacking on carrots and even adding a salad to their meals

You can make it happen with ease while having tons of fun with your family

I've seen countless families just like yours and mine make it happen. Families with very similar concerns, hopes and dreams!

This blueprint:

  • Guides you step by step.
  • Helps you avoid the common mistakes.
  • Makes growing food simple, exciting and engaging for your children.
  • Gives you an activity, a shopping lists for it with clear instructions, every week, for 9 weeks.
  • Has simple bright-lines.
  • Helps your children build their little startup kids' garden in no time,
  • ...plant at least 3 to 4 vegetables starting from seeds...
  • ...harvest in less than two months...
  • And lays the ground for a maintenance-free kids' garden for the rest of the season!

Why this class?

What's in it for you?

  • KNOW that you are doing everything in your power to give your children a healthy start in life!
  • Help them build the best empowering memories in your home to carry with them to the rest of their lives!
  • KNOW what's in at least part of your kids food!

Learn How to...

Quickly Design a Magical Kids' Garden for Your Space.

Keep Your Children Excited and Engaged in the Garden for the Whole Season.

Choose Suitable Plants for Your Kids. Avoid the No-Nos!

Avoid Common Mistakes People Make When Growing with Kids.

Give Your Kids Their Own Amazing Garden to Plant, Maintain and Harvest.

Watch Your Children Build a Magically Maintenance-Free Garden!


This class is for you if...

You are a parent, grandparent, auntie or uncle, or whoever else excited about giving the children in your life a magical food garden at home!

Even if...

  • You have absolutely no experience with growing food.
  • You have bad experience with growing food.
  • You have very little time in your hands.
  • You have very limited growing space.
  • You travel in summer time.

This class is NOT for you if...

You don't care, or if...

  • You are looking for a magic wand for over-night success. Although you will have really easy tasks with very clear instructions, you still have to put in the time and work. Your kids are building a garden after all!

What I will promise though: this will not take more than 1 hour a week on average. A bit more at the beginning a lot less at the end.

  • You are looking for a class for your kids' to take online, on their own, this is NOT it! This class is for YOU to learn how to give children the power to build food gardens.
  • You are looking to grow all your food at home, this is NOT your class. 

Free Bonuses

Hour of 1-On-1 Coaching with Leila

Only First 20 People

FREE ($197 value)
Let me personally get all your specific questions answered and your obstacles off your path, and you on the right track to success!

Fun in the Kids' Garden Booklet

Exciting Fun!

Free ($20 value)
More than 10 craft type activities and projects for kids different ages, which not only will boost the fun in your kids' garden but will actually help it in many ways! How to make pizza gardens, salsa gardens, butterfly gardens and so much more!

Private Community

Access to my private students group!

Truly Invaluable! Cannot put a price on it!
Access to my private group of like-minded students who are growing kids' gardens at home just like you will be! The class will help you grow fast and this vibrant community will help you grow far!

Video Testimonial


Simona and her son!

"This was way beyond our expectations really!"

"It became like a family tradition... every Sunday morning we harvested the garden and prepared breakfast!..."

"... oh just enjoying the beauty of it!! The marigolds and everything bloomed beautifully.. even the mint and the oregano... And you see the bees... they now have a place near to come and eat! It's amazing!"

Written Testimonials

If it wasn't for this class, as much as I wanted to, I would have never been able to build such an amazing vegetable garden for my daughter!
Sogol Mother & Software Project Manager
Leila's class got us as a family to grow food and eat healthier together and that was amazing. The best part is that I didn't have to become an expert gardener. I just followed Leila's instructions and that was it!
Sepideh Mother & Pharmacist
Thank you Leila for bringing our students such an incredible school garden. This is a great legacy for our students and community.
Ana School Principal

About Your Instructor

Leila Mireskandari

Leila Mireskandari

Founder and Director of Kids' Growing City

Leila Mireskandari is the founder of Kids' Growing City, changing the world one kids' garden at a time! She has transformed the lives of hundreds of children by running her food-growing programs in their schools and by training their parents and teachers to build kids' gardens, with her online and in-person workshops and programs since 2013.
Leila is a Permaculture designer. She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies focusing on food-growing education. Along with her Master's Leila has gained "Environmental and Sustainability Education" diploma from York University, as well as "Business and the Environment" diploma from Schulich School of Business.
Leila who is a recovering software developer of 15 years, believes in food justice for the world and her bet is on educating and empowering young minds to take control of their food.




  • Intro, Welcome, Logistics!

Lesson 1: Definitions, Plant Selection


  • Welcome
  • The Private Facebook Community:
  • Definitions
  • Selecting Plants
  • Lesson 1 Assignment
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 1 Handout - Definitions and Plant Selection
  • Recommended Plants for a Start-up Kids Garden

Lesson 2: Indoor Seed Starting & Basics of Outdoor Kid's Garden Design


  • Plant plenty
  • Seeds Starting
  • Supplies intro
  • Planting Peas
  • Swiss Chards and Tomato
  • Herbs
  • labeling
  • Chore-free basic design
  • Lesson 2 Assignment
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 2 indoor Seed Starting Guide
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 2 Handout - Seed Starting & Basics of Design

Lesson 3: Building Your Kids' Outdoor Garden


  • Introduction to Lesson 3
  • Containers Gardening and Water
  • Containers Gardening Continued
  • Containers Sub-irrigation planters: How to make
  • Turning your lawn into a kids' garden
  • Replenishing old gardens
  • In-the-ground gardens: Reducing watering chores
  • How to Water with a hose: Teach your kids this skill!
  • Outdoor Garden Size
  • Lesson 3 Assignment
  • Sheet Mulching with Kids Guide
  • Hugelkultur for Kids Guide
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 3 Handout - Getting Outdoor Kids' Garden Started

Week 4: Implementation Week


  • Week 4 Assignment

Lesson 4 (Week 5): Arranging Your Kids' Garden Plants


  • Introduction
  • Polyculture vs Monoculture
  • Companion Planting
  • How to Arrange
  • Lesson 4 Assignment
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 4 Arranging Your Kids' Garden Plants

Lesson 5 (Week 6): Hardening Off and Transplanting


  • Transplanting: What-is and When-to
  • Hardening Off: What-is and why-to
  • Transplanting: How-To
  • Pulling Transplants Apart?!
  • Lesson 5 Assignment
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 5 Handout - Hardening Off and Transplanting

Lesson 6 (Week 7): Feeding Your Kids' Plants


  • Introduction to feeding
  • Soil is exciting
  • Chemical and Organic Fertilizers
  • Let's make fertilizer at home
  • Lesson 6 Assignment
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 6 Handout - Soil and Fertilizers

Lesson 7 (Week 8): Bugs and Birds and Bees


  • Introduction to bugs in the kids' garden
  • Bugs in the garden: Good or Bad?
  • Bugs: Beneficials
  • Ladybug-Aphid Story!
  • Birds in your kids' garden.
  • Birds Feeders: Let's make some!
  • Bees and Bee Hotels
  • Home-Made Pest Repellant
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 7 Handout - Bugs Birds n Bees

Lesson 8 (Week 9): Harvest and Eat!


  • Introduction to Last Lesson
  • Goals Review
  • Eating Off of Your Kids' Garden
  • Harvest
  • General Food Ideas
  • Kale Recipes
  • Radish Recipes
  • 9-Week Workshop - Lesson 8 Harvest and Eat
  • Final thoughts
  • Help me improve this class PLEASE!